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*Hey, she's a pony. Ponies eat mushrooms. what could go wrong?*


*If you've known Celestia, to hear a note of genuine desperation in her voice over the phone is probably somewhat disconcerting.* Luna--

Luna, please. There has to be some other way! Think about everypony, Luna - think about what you're doing to them! I know there's a part of you that can hear me; you're not Nightmare Moon, you're my sister!

I can't let you do this anymore, so please...!

[Action, Around Town]

*Wherever you are, Celestia may have swooped down to land before you, a look on her face that's a mixture of anger, grief and determination. And the tip of her unicorn horn is glowing.* Luna, this is my last warning. I beg you, stop this madness and return the day to our people. Your people.

Luna. Don't-- *Her voice breaks.* --don't make me do this.


*Celestia is now hallucinating that everypony is her sister, Luna - or rather, Luna's superpowered evil side, Nightmare Moon - and that this is a thousand years ago, when she was banished to the moon.

Hope you like the moon.*


Oct. 30th, 2011 01:08 pm
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*Wherever you are, there's a sudden shadow swooping overhead - a large one. Should you look up, you'll see a large, snow-white winged unicorn descending upon you from the sky. However, if you know Princess Celestia already, you'll notice that she looks a bit different: Namely, her mane and tail are dark and shimmering like a starry night instead of their usual rainbow hue, and she's wearing distinctive armor on her head and upper body.

Except when she lands, she looks faintly apologetic.*
Hello there. Would you mind if I abducted you and took you back to a crypt? I can't particularly explain it, but I feel a sudden compulsion to do just that.


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