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If you'll listen, I'd like to tell everypony a story.

Once upon a time, long before anypony still alive could remember, a fascinating set of magical tools came into being. Nopony knows how: Perhaps they were created by a being of tremendous magic might, or perhaps they simply began to exist of their own power. Whatever their origin, these magical tools - artifacts, even - embodied and harnessed the strength of the qualities and traits that tie us together no matter our race, species, or beliefs.

They were already ancient even thousands of years ago. Everypony who heard the legend simply wrote it off as an old mare's tale! But the world was in chaos under the catastrophic rule of a cruel, nigh-omnipotent being who lived only to have a laugh at the expense of others - so for some, a little bit of hope was better than no hope at all.

Two sisters found that the long-forgotten elements were more than mere fantasy, and they used their might to seal away the land's evil ruler, hopefully for the rest of eternity. With their power, the sisters brought peace and harmony to their tormented land and people, and tranquility reigned amongst ponykind for years to come.

Sadly, that wouldn't be the only time they were used. Many years later, one of the sisters forgot herself, and once more placed the world in danger - threatening to use the very power of harmony on the ones who loved her; the ones she'd promised she would protect and serve. The other sister was forced to use the elements once more, this time to banish her royal sister before she could hurt anypony.

But this story has a happy ending after all. The artifacts were used a third time when the dark sister had broken free of her confinement - not to seal her away once more, but to restore her to who she truly was. And she remembered herself, and the ponies who loved her, and her duty to them - and to herself.

It was then that the essence of harmony chose a new bearer. It was no longer the power of the two sisters, but of six brave young ponies who trusted in themselves and each other. And everypony lived happily ever after, hoping that the elements would never again need to be used... but knowing that if it came to it, they were in very capable hooves.

Now, I have a question: Do you think something like the power of harmony could ever exist in a place like this?

[To the Little Ponies]

My little ponies, I think I've been given something that rightfully belongs to you.


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