Sep. 13th, 2011 07:26 am
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[Action / Locked to 1670 Nelson Street]

*Good morning, residents of 1670 Nelson Street. And by that I mean early, early morning - Princess Celestia is accustomed to waking long before the dawn to raise the sun. But today, she found that she was not in her palace in Equestria. Far from it; she was outside, in a small red wooden shed... which was in itself not a problem - she wasn't the type to fuss over that sort of thing.

But having a collar around her neck tied to a stake in the ground was a little more irritating.

So really, don't mind the clatter in the backyard as a tall, snow-white horse with magnificent pegasus wings, a long unicorn horn, and a multicolored mane and tail physically rips the stake out of the ground by tugging on it.

If you wait, she'll even try to come inside to find out where she is.*

[Action / Everywhere else]

*Having escaped her collar, Celestia is exploring Mayfield - by flying over it with her wings.

So hello, Mayfield. There might be a pegasus-unicorn flying out of the sky to land right near you. Just look at that awesome mane she has shimmer - where the colors never seem to stay the same no matter how you look at it.

And she is regarding you with curiosity, especially if you aren't a pony.*
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